Three Oral Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Smile

A person’s smile reflects his/her health. Academy of General Dentistry wrote that ninety percents of systemic diseases (involving many organs in the body) show up in the mouth. Those diseases include diabetes, leukemia, oral cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease. Another site, Mayo Clinic, also confirms the claim that oral hygiene contributes to one’s overall health.

Regular Dentist Visit

Although you can keep your oral hygiene by yourself, you may not know whether your mouth is in a healthy condition or not. For instance, teeth misalignment has a range of severity. Some people may need to go for invasive surgery to correct their teeth while the others may not. Abnormal health also worsens over time. The sooner you know and get it treated the better it will be for you. And professional dentists live for that task.

Today, every business has a website. If you have not decided which dental clinic to go, you can search for it on your smartphone. Open your browser and screen through local dental clinics in your area. As an example, Dr. Nancy Guelph Dentist has an informative website and features that patients need the most, such as a comfortable waiting lounge and top-rated dentists from the area. If you are from another state, you can look for a dental clinic with the same qualities as the example.

Eat Less Sugar

To keep your oral health at the prime condition, the rule from your childhood still applies. The less sugar you consume, the healthier your mouth is. Even if you brush your teeth after you eat, a diet high in sugar will still negatively affect your oral hygiene in one way or another.

Sugar does not only come from sand sugar and beverages. Starch diet is also high in sugar. Donuts, cookies, bread, and potato chips are all included on the list. You should reduce both the frequency and the amount of eating sugary foods/snacks. They embrace the growth of cariogenic bacteria that can accelerate tooth decay.

Use a Mouthwash

That commercial on TV which says mouthwash can reach some parts in our mouth that a toothbrush can’t is right. Gargling with mouthwash helps to clean our mouth effectively. Combine it with flossing and whitener, and you shall get a healthy and attractive smile.

In choosing the right mouthwash, you have to pay attention to several factors like the alcohol concentration, whitening property, and diseases prevention formula. A good product does not only whiten the teeth but maintain the gum’s health. Also, different brands have different aromas like peppermint, lemon, tea tree, and ylang-ylang.